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Team Handbook – Water Polo Handbook

Here is a copy of the Water Polo Parent/Athlete Handbook. Please note that the last page must be signed by both Athlete and Parent. There is a grace period of THREE practices. An additional signature line is on the handbook signature page for parents to permit athletes to check out a parka for the season. Information in the handbook is subject to clarification.

Concussion Acknowledgement – Water Polo Concussion Acknowledgement

Oregon High School Water Polo requires this acknowledgment form be signed annually. I must have a copy with me at all practices and games. There is a grace period of THREE practices

Transportation – Parent Transportation

To be eligible to drive athletes other than your own to games, you must complete page 2 of this file.

To be eligible to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by another parent, you must complete page 3 of this file.

Page 4 of this file does not apply to athletics.